American naïveté — European social democracies and gun control

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Over the years, in both commentaries and letters to the editor in my local newspaper, I have noted the naïve expression of many letter writers and liberal pundits, who glossing over the Constitutional protections guaranteed by the 4th and 5th Amendments, opine, “If you don’t have anything to hide, then you don’t have anything to fear!” When the Soviet KGB needed culprits, their motto was “Show me the man and I will show you his crime.” In other words, charges can be brought against anyone, once the State has decided to trample on the rights of any targeted citizen. In the U.S, ask David Koresh and Vicky Weaver, and all those liATF Raid on American homettle known Americans, such as Carl Drega, and more recently John Gerald Quinn, whose home was subjected to a “no-knock” raid (once referred to as “dynamic entries”) based solely on the suspicion there was a gun in his house, or Bruce Abramski and all those lawful American gun owners who over the years have been victimized by the ATF.

Civilian disarmament has always preceded genocide in totalitarian tyrannies. History teaches us that repressive governments that end up committing genocide and mass killings of their own populations ("democide") have always first disarmed the citizens. The political formulas for accomplishing civilian disarmament comprise the veritable hallmarks of tyrannical governments: Public propaganda against guns (i.e., frequently using a tragedy as a pretext for mounting a campaign of demonization of firearms); followed step-by-step by gun registration, banning, confiscation, and finally, total civilian disarmament. Civilian disarmamentEnslavement of the people then follows easily with limited resistance. This is what happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, and other totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. At least 100 million people perished in the last century killed by their own governments, not in wars but in peacetime. Civilian disarmament, then, is not only harmful to one’s freedom and potentially deadly to one’s existence, but also counterproductive in achieving liberty or safety.

Nevertheless, ignoring the lessons of history and the tragic chronicles of other nations overtaken both by tyranny and democide, we frequently also hear: "Well, it cannot happen here."

Following the latest shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, where on April 2, Ivan Lopez, an Iraq War veteran, used a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun to kill three innocent people, I have heard:  “I see nothing wrong with some restrictions... We have to do something; there are just too many guns out there in the wrong hands.” This cliché neglects the fact Ft. Hood is a Concealed Carry signgun-free zone, where an armed madman can shoot innocent victims who are disarmed and unable to defend themselves. In fact, the rampage ended when a female MP drew her weapon, causing Lopez to stop the shooting and take his own life. This is similar to the case at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon (2012), where a deranged killer, after shooting two people and realizing another shopper (a concealed carry permit holder) had pulled a handgun and was aiming at him, then turned the gun on himself.

These naïve attitudes also ignore the penchant of politicians for taking advantage of tragedies (ostensibly with good intentions) to gain more power, and the tendency of governments to usurp the natural rights of citizens, as when instituting "socialism with a human face." I have also read an assertion by a letter writer who insisted: "We owe an apology to the Europeans for the gun violence in America!" And that is not all; just yesterday, I read a letter by a writer, who neglecting history and instead taking a simple snapshot of the moment, claimed: "Countries in Western Europe, like Britain, France, or Sweden, which regulate gun ownership closely, are not in any danger of sliding into tyranny and they don't have the cTony Martinrime."

All of these writers ignore inconvenient facts, such as the high crime rate in Britain (particularly burglaries) that exceeds that in the U.S., and where citizens are not permitted to defend themselves in their own homes! Ask Tony Martin (photo, right). The Europeans live in confiscatory social democracies, where citizens don't have many of the protections afforded in the U.S. Bill of Rights. Most importantly, the Western Europeans were rescued by our armies from the Nazis in World War II, and protected from the Soviet T-34 tanks during the Cold War. Since that time, despite NATO, the Europeans remain largely dependent on the U.S. for their own security. Ironically, witnessing the resurgent bullying and roaring of the Russian Bear in Georgia, the Caucasus, and the Ukraine, the Europeans are hinting they may require further protection from the U.S.

Europe has been free to pursue their pacifism, socialism, and virtual pusillanimity, only because the U.S. Soviet Tankprotected (and still protects) them with our nuclear deterrent, our bases, our presence, our military expenditures, and our guns! It is fair to say that reminiscent of H.G. Wells' classic, "The Time Machine," the cannibalistic Morlocks (Nazis and Russians) would have long ago devoured the pusillanimous Elois (Western Europeans, including the liberal darling Scandinavians), had it not been for the goodwill of the U.S, the magnanimity of American taxpayers, the sacrifices of American boys in Normandy, the presence of our troops, and our guns! I say the world owes US — Americans, guns and all — a great debt of gratitude for preserving their freedom and allowing them to make the choice of pursuing their social and economic goals with the pusillanimity they desire!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. is Associate Editor in Chief and World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International. He is Clinical Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery, ret.) and Adjunct Professor of Medical History (ret.), Mercer University School of Medicine. Dr. Faria is the author of Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). Dr Faria has written numerous articles on Stalin, communism, and the Soviet Union, all posted at the author’s website: &

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Copyright ©2014 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

An unillustrated version of this article appeared on GOPUSA under the title "European Social Democracies and Gun Control" on April 14, 2014. A shorter version of this article with the title "Faria: America, guns and freedom — a rebuttal" also appeared in The Macon Telegraph on May 29, 2014. The photographs used to illustrate this commentary came from a variety of sources and did not appear in either the GOPUSA or The Telegraph articles.

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Europeans seeking armed self-defense?

NRA NEWS: " Discover Virtues of Armed Self-defense as EU Bureaucrats Seek New Gun Controls"

"At the same time the European Union bureaucrats in Brussels are trying to foist further gun controls on the continent, Europeans are exhibiting a newfound interest in acquiring the tools of self-defense. Though restricted by EU mandate and often severe national gun controls, following a series of high-profile attacks on women, Europeans are buying up whatever means of protection they can still legally obtain. The surge in interest in firearms and other self-defense products dates back several months and relates in part to European unease surrounding mass immigration from the other parts of the world."


But what are those items and means of self-defense they are referring to: “... whatever means of protection they can still legally obtain”? Are they referring to Violins? Umbrellas? Lighted cigarettes? or Walking canes? LOL! MAF

Swedish shooting!

"Two killed in Swedish restaurant shooting", BBC, March 19, 2015

"Two men have been killed and up to 15 injured in a shooting in a restaurant in the south-western Swedish city of Gothenburg, police say.

"They say automatic weapons - believed to be Kalashnikov assault rifles - were used in the attack late on Wednesday.
"The men who died were between 20 and 25, police said.

"Police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm was quoted as saying the shooting could have been gang-related.

"One witness told Sweden's SVT broadcaster that two men entered the restaurant and opened fire."

Imagine how something like this could have happened (and continues to happen in the social democracies of civilian-disarmed Europe) in countries with such stringent gun control laws! — MAF

Doctor stops mass shooting!

"Senate Democrats Gear up to Push More Gun Control -- Even after a CCW holder averts a mass shooting in Pennsylvania!

“More people are carrying concealed in this country, and yet the gun homicide rate has been dropping precipitously. We are safer today with more guns ‘on the street’ being carried in good people’s hands.” -- GOA Communications Director Erich Pratt on WPFL, Florida (July 28, 2014).

"You may have heard that a DC federal judge struck down Washington, DC’s ban on carrying firearms in public on Saturday. Judge Frederick Scullen’s decision referenced the Supreme Court’s decisions in Heller (2008) and McDonald (2010) -- arguing that the carry ban violates the U.S. Constitution.

"And last week, a concealed carry holder in Darby, Pennsylvania, saved countless lives when he used his firearm to stop a killer who was bent on taking down even
more innocent lives. Police said the armed doctor “saved lives” and prevented a disgruntled patient from walking down the hall and gunning down people“ until he ran out of ammunition...”

Gun Owners of America

Book Dumping — Outraged citizens reply!

MT — Book Burning! Letters to the Editor, June 10, 2014

Forgot?: Frank Gadbois would have done everybody a favor if he would have thrown himself in the dumpster. The reason we are a free people is because we don’t have the stupid laws countries in Europe have. I guess he forgot what happened when Hitler took away guns. -- Tommy Arnold, Warner Robins

Typical progressive — I was outraged, but not surprised, by Frank Gadbois recent letter published on June 5. Gadbois stated that he recently threw “two donated cases of a book, “Cuba in Revolution-Escape from a Lost Paradise” into a dumpster. A typical progressive action. He disagreed with the book’s contents and made the decision to make the books unavailable to more open-minded readers. I soon expect him to host a book burning.-- John T. White, Kathleen

Viewpoints Comments:
Mike Ganas: One would expect a librarian to have more respect for the written word, but not a Marxist like Gadbois. Us proles need enlightened morally superior types like him to make our choices for us. Mr. White, when he does host that book burning (and you should call it what it is, a cleansing for our own good) you'd best be there and bring any books in your home he deems unacceptable. Here, have some Kool Aid.

Daisy Jonesing: Mr. White and Tommy Arnold "WHY" in Gods name would anyone be surprised at pretty much anything you see and hear the LEFT admit they do when we have a President in office that has Made deals with Hamas, The Taliban (IN A TIME OF WAR) along with the Muslim Brotherhood.

His most recent antic PROVES he has made deals with the Taliban AGAINST our own Military! He traded FIVE of 'theirs' for ONE of "THEIRS"...And as you see those on the LEFT that CONTINUE to condone and support him are not ONE BIT BETTER. Matter of fact in MY EYES they are worse!

Dr. Miguel Faria: The fact is Gadbois is lying! My book "Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise" (2002) sold out, a tremendous success! After my book tour in Florida alone, there were few copies left and I cut short my book tour in Miami! (See An Evening with Dr. Faria by Myles Kantor.)

There were simply few books left to donate. We did donate two boxes of "Vandals at the Gates of Medicine" (about the history of medicine and medical politics), and "Medical Warrior" about corporate socialized medicine — which is, incidentally what we are getting with ObamaCare, anticipated back in 1997. His alleged dumping of "Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise" is pure fantasy stemming from hatred and intolerance! I kindly thank all of the readers of the Telegraph, letter writers and posters in Viewpoints, who express outrage over this incident. Many of them find themselves honored in these entries at my website as well as the Macon Telegraph.

Daisy Jonesing: Ben You 'beat me to the punch" ROFL..I was just getting ready to post the exact same response..I had read what Dr. Faria stated about Gadbois LYING. It seems to RUN IN THE FAMILY (Obama and company).

Thank you Ben for Posting the TRUTH about Dr. Faria's "Escape From a Lost Paradise" . You know it's 'one thing' to KNOW what you're talking about but when one blatantly LIES and they are CAUGHT...It has become a PATTERN.

Hatred & intolerance — book dumping!

The Macon Telegraph, Letters to the Editor, June 5, 2014, regarding a version of this article published there:

"Donated books"— After reading Dr. Miguel Faria’s letter on May 29 and then reading an editorial in The New York Times on May 28 titled “As Congress Sleeps, More People Die,” I wonder whether he only watches Fox News and only reads the Wall Street Journal. Faria doesn’t know that 280 of us are shot each day, plus 11,000 deaths from guns yearly and an additional 19,000 suicides annually.

We own at least 300 million firearms. Now who is going to confiscate them? Not our president. Britain does not have a higher crime rate than us. They don’t even allow handguns. Their rifles are in lock boxes in their living rooms and bolted to their walls and their police come by to check to make sure they are locked.

Most European nations have nuclear weapons. I know, I lived in the UK for 23 years and traveled to every country. The Brits are quite happy not carrying concealed weapons. Only 29 homicides nationwide two years ago. Their police are mostly unarmed. They do have SWAT teams though. I still think that I did everyone a favor by throwing two donated cases of his book “Cuba in Revolution -- Escape From a Lost Paradise” in a Dumpster.-- Frank W. Gadbois, Warner Robins, Georgia


Ben Damron: Frankie boy, until you’ve lived in a dictatorship and watched many of your life long friends murdered and annihilated by your communist government, maybe you just need to keep your dam mouth shut. That’s what ““Cuba in Revolution -- Escape From a Lost Paradise” written by Doc Faria was all about. It was a true story, he lived it. I’ve got an idea, come over to my house and get that personally autographed copy laying on my desk. By the way, my guns are not locked to the wall and the cops don’t verify that in this town!

Fred Dixon: Wow Frank! In a country of over 60 million, there were only 29 homicides in the whole country. That is unbelievable. You must have thrashed all the data that indicated otherwise.

Ben Damron: Fred, Timeframe, 2011-2012 — 553 homicides in the UK in 2012 (of which 39 were caused by a gun/firearm). The remainder homicides were from knives or other sharp instrument! If Frankie boy doesn't like our guns, like Tom Kat I'd gladly donate to his traveling fund to send his liberal, FA back to jolly ole England. We're tired of him trashing this Country!

Frankie boy, until you’ve lived in a dictatorship and watched many of your life long friends murdered and annihilated by your communist government, maybe you just need to keep your dam mouth shut. That’s what ““Cuba in Revolution -- Escape From a Lost Paradise” written by Doc Faria was all about. It was a true story, he lived it.

I’ve got an idea, come over to my house and get that personally autographed copy laying on my desk. By the way, my guns are not locked to the wall and the cops don’t verify that in this town!

Daisy Jonesing: Frank Gadbois, it amazes me what you people are so proud of doing; and then have the gall to think for one moment others are going to keep their mouth shut. You win the Gestapo Award...

Mike Ganas: Surprised Gadbois didn't burn them and goosestep around the bonfire.

Emory Lane: Gadbois, your tossing of Dr. Faria's books at the Friends of the Library book sale evidently provided you with a measure of satisfaction. But, as is usual with such selfish, short-sighted actions, you also denied the public library sales revenue. One can only hope you came out of your own pocket to make it up. Nah, that didn't happen, did it? I, for one, am pleased your actions were discovered and that you were released from your volunteer responsibilities, never to assist with the FOL book sale again. I say good riddance.

Brandon Moseley: Gadbois, It's a money grab. Nothing more. Take a look at most of the far right authors of books about tyranny and the Constitution. Then look at what they were writing about 6 or 7 years ago. Dr. Faria is fairly consistent but the rest are cashing out off of the fear of Obama. lol. You are wasting your time talking to these people about their precious guns. There is no sanity there. Many of them believe that the NRA is more concerned with their rights to bear arms than their membership. They are being played and they don't even know it. All though they say it, most of them know that Obama isn't (can't) coming for their guns. They believe it buttress their argument about some oppressive tyrannical government and makes them feel less nutty.

Van Adams: Gadbois, you are lucky that some gun owners did't see you trashing donated books:. I am surprised that you still brag about it.Please go back to England and take your pride with you.I would like to see the book fair sue you but I guess they don't want to stoop to your level. You are a POS!


"Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings." Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) Almansor: A Tragedy (1823), translated in True Religion (2003) by Graham Ward, p. 142.


Great points. Keep up the excellent articles!

Excellent Point

Good article, excellent point. Europeans depend solely upon their governments for self protection, yet this dependency is fostered upon the premise that 1) governments are always capable of defending their citizens; 2) that the governments can be trusted not to abuse this control over their citizens; and 3) that if these governments do abuse this control over their citizens, the US will once again step in save the citizens from their governments.
Clearly, the first premise is impossible, since even the police will admit that they cannot be all places at all times. Ask survivors of NAZI Germany or the SOVIET Gulags if the government can be trusted. As to the idea that the protection of Old Europe will continue to be upheld by the US, this will likely continue for a time. However, in the Ukraine the US is not defending the takeover by the USSR. Should Russian troops engage Poland--which I think is entirely likely if this continues, then the US may have to make this very decision.

Gun confiscation in Connecticutt!

Representative Stockman is Pushing Bill to Stop Gun Registration and Confiscation

The first arrest has now been made under the draconian Connecticut law that was passed last year in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.

Earlier this month, Connecticut police arrested James Toigo and confiscated his “assault rifle” after he allegedly shot a squirrel in his yard. Not only did police seize the rifle (and many magazines) from the 65-year old Toigo, they also confiscated several of his legally registered firearms.
James Toigo is not a murderer. He has committed no violent crime. He is a law-abiding citizen who has been victimized by the laws of his state.

But Mr. Toigo is not alone. As many as 300,000 law-abiding gun owners have failed to comply with Connecticut’s updated gun registration requirements. The new registry is an update of older registration requirements that were in place at the time of the tragic shooting.

The state’s largest newspaper, the Hartford Courant, has called for the arrest of the 300,000 non-complying gun owners...

Congressman Steve Stockman has introduced H.R. 4380, a bill that would cut off federal Justice Department funds to any state which attempts to confiscate and register firearms.
H.R. 4380 would target any state that sets up a gun registry or establishes a system to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. And any city, state or municipality that attempts such actions would suffer the loss of their federal Justice Department grants.

Gun Owners of America, April 24, 2014,

A Justice Amends the U.S. Constitution!

John Paul Stevens: Amended Constitution with Neither Liberty nor Safety! April 22, 2014 by Dr. Miguel A. Faria

A Book Review of Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution (2014) by John Paul Stevens

Associate Justice of the U.S Supreme Court John Paul Stevens (1920- ) served from 1975 to 2010. Retired now, he is one of the longest-serving Justices in American history. He has also been one of the most liberal judges in American jurisprudence. So it is not surprising he has written a book in which he reaffirms many of the tenets of the liberal judicial philosophy that he has espoused both in his opinions and in his dissenting or supporting majority Court rulings over so many years.

Politically, though, it is surprising he was nominated by Presidents Richard Nixon for the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Seventh Circuit in 1970, and then by Gerald Ford for the U.S. Supreme Court in 1975. It is even more surprising such an eminent figure in American jurisprudence seems to have either misunderstood or ignored perilous lessons of recent history both in bolstering his old judicial opinions, as well as in writing this book at age 94.

In ignoring history I referred to the numerous scholarly books that have demonstrated that civilian disarmament with the banning and confiscation of firearms has always preceded terror, genocide and democide by the hapless populations in the various totalitarian states in which they were implemented in the 20th century -- e.g., China Mao: The Unknown Story; the USSR The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Parts I-II and The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956, An Experiment in Literary Investigation III - IV; Nazi Germany Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and "Enemies of the State"; and elsewhere Lethal Laws: Gun Control Is the Key to Genocide; Death by Government; and The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression. Besides banning gun ownership and empowering the federal government over the states, Stevens generally seems to prefer to be at the avant garde in creating a "living document" out of the U.S. Constitution, or at least propound one with which he can agree.

The changes he believes are needed for the American Constitution are partially spelled out in the title of his book -- "Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the U.S Constitution." This involves adding or re-writing Amendments restricting gun ownership, basically gutting the Second amendment and arrogating to the federal government prerogatives that belong to the state, as to further empower the federal government and restrict personal gun ownership. Justice Stevens, therefore, disagrees with the Printz decision of 1997, denying that the federal government could force the states to follow its mandates, and the Heller decision of 2008, affirming the individual right of Americans to own a gun for self and family protection.

Thoughts about writing this book and espousing severe restrictions in gun ownership, ostensibly, came about as a result of the tragic in Newtown, Connecticut School shootings of December 2012 that sparked the retired Justice's thinking; but in fact they go hand-in-glove with Stevens' previous opinions and judicial rulings. He would also abolish capital punishment, implement campaign finance reform (even if it limits freedom of speech), and rein in the drawing of partisan electoral voting districts. These changes generally would overrule Supreme Court decisions with which Stevens has disagreed with the majority of the Justices over the years. The book is written eloquently with passion but also with civility and cordiality, and should be a welcomed addition for those who believe in (and are in accord with) Justice Stevens political and Judicial philosophy. Conservatives and Libertarians may frankly be appalled by the appeals of Justice Stevens to false security and safety --over ordered liberty and freedom with responsibility. Disagreement notwithstanding, I wish Justice Stevens a happy 95th birthday but can not recommend his book! — MAF

Forum: sensible civilian disarmament?

Tinmanic: "Civilian disarmament with the banning and confiscation of firearms has always preceded terror, genocide and democide by the hapless populations in the various totalitarian states in which they were implemented in the 20th century..."

All you're saying here is that terror, genocide and democide have occurred in totalitarian states. Well, of course totalitarian countries have terror, genocide and democide. That's tautological. No word about the numerous other countries that regulate firearm ownership without any problems.

Dr Faria: Thoughtful comment. This article addresses the issue: American naïveté - European social democracies and gun control" (2014)

Totalitarianism is a danger to life and liberty - and with civilian disarmament deadly!

Florida Police Detective: I like Doctor Faria's well thought out review. However the "liberal" designation is incorrect when defining those Demos who are really socialists-Marxists.

Dr. Faria: Thanks. Yes, the word liberal has been hijacked, when in reality another word as you have described fits better. In fact I wrote a paper you may be interested in on this subject:

Classical Liberalism vs Modern Liberalism (Socialism) — A Primer

Basically: Classical liberalism = Modern Conservatism; Modern liberalism = Socialism

But I would love to get your thoughts on it and post any comments you might have.

Tinmanic: "Here is an article addressing that very issue..."

Would you mind quoting the part of that article that addresses my point that many countries regulate firearm ownership without resorting to terror and genocide and democide?

Dr. Faria: Recorded history, 5,000 years, is a mere blink of the eye in the story of man; additionally, there is no detectable change in the nature of man during that stretch of time. The time period you allude to is less than a century!

Governments, primitive and modern, during those 5000 years, have been restricting arms to the population, so they can control the subjugated populations, enslaved and massacre them, if they became recalcitrant in obeying rulers. Listen to Aristotle in the 4th century B.C., ""Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms." And in the 16th century, almost 2,000 years later the same year Philip II sent the Armada to England, listen to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Shogun of Japan (1588): "The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, short swords, bows, spears, firearms, or other types of arms. The possession of unnecessary implements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues and tends to foment uprisings." The solution, says James Madison, the framer of the U.S Constitution, is "Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."

Do you expect us to ignore the lessons of history, for a snapshot of the moment (i.e., less than 50 years) in small, select, and privileged portions of the globe (i.e., Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan), protected by a benevolent superpower (US) that allows its citizens to own guns? And thank you for the thoughtful dialogue.


Thanks for the reminder. How easily and conveniently history is forgotten. I read today where the rich capitalist Bloomberg is starting his own network for gun control. The left believes very deeply in the Bill of Rights, only if one is a member of the left. For the silent majority we are unworthy of such rights.

Nor should the left fear gun control as long as you are politically connected since the Bloomberg's and their ilk will still have their armed body guards--often at our expense--while we remain unable to defend ourselves against the criminals. Some are indeed more equal than others.

Nothing to fear?

GOPUSA Comments about this article, April 14, 2014

xjandin: Excellent article! “Civilian disarmament has always preceded genocide in totalitarian tyrannies.” Exactly correct. Those who said ‘they’re not after your guns’ best look to Canada, where they are now confiscating, to England where they already did and to the US,(California, Connecticut) now working on confiscation. Then consider the hundreds of millions of people murdered by their own government once they were disarmed.

DO NOT REGISTER YOUR FIREARMS. No government that supports Liberty has every tried to disarm the Citizens. This only happens when government moves from Liberty to tyranny.
“If you don’t have anything to hide, then you don’t have anything to fear!” This is the lie used to deceive the naive and uneducated. Tell it to the ‘Tea Party’ people subjected to invasive, brutal tax audits and placed on government ‘watch lists!’

Better hide that you value Liberty and support the principles of Liberty found in the US Constitution! And heaven forbid it is discovered that you support traditional marriage between a man and a woman – better hide that too. (Yes, this is sarcasm.)

The very fact that ‘watch lists’ exist is a prime indication that the government no longer values Liberty. Add to that ‘free speech zones’ and the militarization of the police and we are in big trouble. (So called ‘free speech zones’ means they destroyed free speech everywhere else.) A better question is: “Since I have nothing to hide, why are you looking without probable cause??!”

fabian: Excellent article. Should be mandatory reading in all public school classes from grad 8 onwards (but I’m dreaming).

braines57: So very true – we are blessed that we have the NRA to stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights so that the current libtard idiots can’t take them away.

Dido: And when the NRA blinks, we still have GOA!

edree: Nothing to fear…….tell that to the cattle ranchers in Nevada and Utah. Besides, the 2nd amendment is needed to enforce the THIRD! The British took anything they wanted from the local residents with whom the were forcefully billeted, including the female residents. Ignorance abounds among the liberals.