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Anatoliy Golitsyn, James Jesus Angleton, and double agents in the wilderness of mirrors of the Cold War

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Friday, August 26, 2016

A close friend, with whom I frequently hold discussions on the subject of the Cold War and communism, told me that we are still being deceived by the Russians, that the Cold War is not over, and that “…We have convinced ourselves that ‘communism is in the dustbin of history,’ New Lies For Oldwhich is exactly what the Soviets wanted us to think — just as Golitsyn disclosed in his book, New Lies for Old.” Furthermore, he asserts his friend, the author Joseph D

Spies of the Cold War

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies, and Secret Operations by Richard C. S. Trahair was published by Greenwood Press, (Westport, Connecticut) in 2004. It is 473 pages. It Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionageconsists of nearly 300 A to Z entries of both spies and secret operations as the main text in 350 pages. There are the usual introductions, as well as a useful Chronology (1917-2003), Glossary, and Index, contained in pages 351 to 473.

Stalin and the Atomic Bomb

Robert B. Farquhar, an anti-nuclear activist from Georgia, who has written a book on the subject entitled Duck and Cover, asserts that, "In 1946 the U.S. had about 7 atomic bombs, none completely assembled; by 1956, 5,000, all assembled; Russia had about 150." (1)

Betrayed by Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., PhD

Reviewed by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
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Book Review
Winter 2002
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Sometimes in history, events of enormous brutality involving large numbers of people can be successfully kept secret from the general public for long periods of time. For example, in the case of Operation Keelhaul following World War II, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were forcibly sent back to the Soviet Union by the United States and British governments to a certain death or enslavement in labor camps. It wasn't until Julius Epstein finally exposed this event that the world learned of this atrocity.