On RINOs, prevaricators and moderate Republicans

In his diatribe in the Telegraph [Sept. 21], Jack Bernard, the self-described “Republican Health Care Executive,” insists on debating me and equivocates about his supposed (moderate) conservatism. Alas, he says his published conservative treatises have all been published in other newspapers. What a shame! We are left with those in the Telegraph, all of which have had a decidedly progressive bent, such as calling for socialized medicine and more social programs — and all of them demonizing Fox News and the GOP, allegedly his own party! Along the way, he also swerves off course and blames “our supposed friends the Saudis,” for the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism. I suppose he likes beating the straw men in the pasture, while forgetting it was Obama who bowed ceremoniously to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Bernard’s arguments all come from Democrat talking points, such as that the GOP is getting so conservative that it is driving moderate Republicans, like him, out to the party. He has tunnel vision and does not see that it is the Democrats who have moved so far to the left that a self-described, avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, was almost selected as the nominee. Sanders could have won, had the party not played underhanded shenanigans to have Crooked Hillary nominated in his stead.

Bernard makes the ridiculous statement that “Reagan would have been too nice and too moderate for Faria and todays’s GOP.” Alluding to himself as a RINO ("Republican in name only"), Bernard at least should have known that Reagan remains a venerated icon in the GOP and a hero of mine. (He should have done his homework before attributing to me incongruous politics.) And placing Reagan’s conservatism a la par with moderates like John Kasich and Jeb Bush is preposterous! Reagan never compromised principles, unlike moderate Republicans, who seeking compromise, always advance the cause of socialism. A prime example was the ultra moderate George H.W. Bush who pledged, "read my lips no new taxes," and then he caved in and signed the biggest tax increase in American history up to that time!

And this is a gem: Bernard claims the Tea Party has much in common with the French Revolution! Obviously, his knowledge of history leaves a lot to be desired. The two are at opposite ideological poles: The Tea Party may be vociferous, but it is still peaceful and conservative; the French Revolution was sanguinary, vicious, and radical. He should read my history articles, which have been published in Realclearhistory and used as sources in liberal Wikipedia. His comparison is as bogus as is his Republican ideology and sentiments.

And here is Bernard’s parting shot, another incongruity: “I hope the Koch Brothers and the other oligarchs behind the GOP revolution are pleased with the mess they have created. Dr. Faria seems to be. The rest of us are not.” What Republican Revolution? The last one was before 9-11 in 1994! And for the last 8 years Obama has been president? If anything, we conservatives are disheartened that Congress has not been able to do more to stop Obama and the rapid American decline — which is the reason that Donald Trump, a maverick outsider, was overwhelmingly selected during the state primaries? As for “the rest of us,” let us say, that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are mad, fed up with fence sitters and prevaricators, and want political outsiders, even a Donald Trump, to run this country and get it back on track.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Dr. Miguel A. Faria is an associate editor in chief and world affairs editor of Surgical Neurology International and the author of "Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise." His website is www.haciendapub.com.

This article was submitted to (but not published) in the Macon Telegraph on October 3, 2016.

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Republican Budget Betrayal

The nature of the political world is conflict, not compromise. Democrats understand this, while Republicans seek compromise and media appeasement. As Dr. Faria has noted: "Reagan never compromised principles, unlike moderate Republicans." Nowhere is this more apparent than in the just-released budget that covers until October.

Apparently, the Republicans are more afraid of being blamed for a government shutdown than they are of betraying their voters. This is a poor strategy for maintaining their position, in my opinion.

First, the Republicans will always blamed by the media for a shutdown, as with President Reagan and the House Republicans instead of Clinton, and Congressional Republicans instead of Obama. So what? In the long term Reagan and House Republicans got their goals. Besides, media praise does not trump our goals.

We elected Republicans, but we got a Democrat budget that continues to fully fund Planned Parenthood, Public Broadcasting, EPA, State Dept., sanctuary cities, and more left-winged "green agenda," yet only one half of the defense spending Trump requested and none of the border wall--his signature issue.

This budget came right out of the House and the Senate, not the White House. Consequently, President Trump is put into the position of now having to accept what he formerly opposed. And from his own party. If he sends this back to the Congress without his signature, as I think he should, the media will feed upon this like a North Korean with a can of Spam. "Trump vetoes bipartisan budget." If he signs what he opposed, his goals are not met, and he risks losing the conservatives.

Then there is the bonus for Congress—both Republican and Democrat: They have now put President Trump in his place, showed him who is the real boss. Last year’s campaign insults may not be so easily forgotten after all.

Ah but the moderates in Congress will assure us to be patient, and the next bill in September will move our direction we are told. What progress have we made exactly in this budget? Some increase in defense spending? How much serious opposition is there against this with North Korea and ISIS on the front page?

I agree with President Trump on the shutdown. If we are going to have a government shutdown--and if that is what it takes--then let it be now instead of closer to the next elections. The reason we elect Republicans is to further the conservative cause, not to compromise with the enemy. We won the elections, yet we lost the budget. Republicans in Congress broke their promise to the voters, and there must be consequences or our vote becomes meaningless.

The Jack Bernard I see here is not a moderate, but a leftist: socialized medicine, blaming others for ISIS instead of Islam from whence it came, bashing FOX and the GOP, and Koch brothers' conspiracies. Masquerading as moderate Republicans or even real Republicans is a common tactic for the left, but their leftist positions so easily tramples their own assertions.

GOP budget travesty— confusing friend and foe!

Republican leadership and the budget 2017

Typically the midterm election is a reaction to policies of the president during the first half of his term. It generally favors the opposition party. But I wonder if, this time, it will be a conservative reaction to the do-nothing GOP Congress we have now.  I hope so.  It’s really frustrating now that the GOP has such a strong majority, not to mention a Republican president to work with, that they are holding back from doing what we sent them to Washington to do. Examples: both the Hearing Protection Act and national concealed carry reciprocity have been put on hold by congressional leadership.— Tim
Well you all know I haven't been a member of the Republican Party for over 10 years. That was when I realized that other people actually shared my philosophy. — Tom

As Milo says, the Republican  party is no longer fit for purpose. That may be true if old guard republic land as well…— Arthur
The frustration expressed by some of you is described by a the insightful commentator Koba at haciendapub.com in response to the budget deal.

Simply, the GOP, unlike Trump, is afraid of the media. Cowardice by the GOP may be a serious weakness, but the Democrats authoritarianism and collectivism is the sin of treason!

So, except for Libertarians, there is no other party to turn to. I voted
Libertarian in 2008. (I could not vote for Sen. McCain, just as I couldn't vote for Bush #41 in 1992!)

As my friend, Dr. Russell Blaylock has documented in a great piece of historical insight, the Democrats are Marxists and power hunger collectivists. I would rather join an insurrectionary guerrilla warfare than support them! The media has been supporting them for decades but they now do it openly.

You may want to save this article and read it when you have time. It is very informative, a bit long, but worth the read! — MAF
Miguel A. Faria, M.D.
I too feel as does Dr Faria and the author of the referenced piece. The politicians and the media are cloaked in the same wool. They are traitors and criminals. Literally: Both. It is not too early to start finding and electing patriots.

As for the risk of : “…insurrectionary guerrilla warfare…”: I fear it has not receded with the 2016 election. Loaded, locked and many. Frequent practice. — Bob